Thailand offers dozens of different activities and places to go, ranging from party holidays to staying in the busy cities such as Bangkok. While these activities definitely have its charms and should not be skipped out on, a unique jungle experience should definitely not be missed out on either. The country has diverse landscape, including beautiful rainforests and jungles which provide the real nature experience. Holidays are all about having a different experience, escaping the daily life, and enjoying yourself without the struggles of life on your shoulder. This can be perfectly done in Kanchanaburi where you have the possibility for peace of mind, adventurous activities and beautiful nature all around you. Kanchanaburi is a province located in the west of Thailand and is the largest of the western provinces of the country. The main reason for tourists to come to the province is because of its history during the Second World War.

The Death Railway

During the Second World War the Death Railway was constructed which spanned all across Kanchanaburi, having two of the most touristic destination of the railway located in Kanchanaburi. These two attractions are the bridge over the River Kwai, made famous by the movie, and the Hellfire Pass. The story of these places is something everyone needs to hear at least ones to get a true idea of all the horrific things that happened during the Second World War.

National Parks in Kanchanaburi

Next to fascinating history, the province also provides stunning nature as said earlier. The province has multiple different national parks of which Sai Yok and Erawan are the most well-known. The Sai Yok National Park is located right next to the resort and mostly consists out of Limestone Mountains with forests. Another interesting fact about the Sai Yok National Park is that it is home to world’s smallest bat.


Erawan National Park is most probably the most famous national park located in Kanchanaburi. Formerly called Khao Salop National Park but changed to Erawan as the highest level of the waterfall vaguely resembled the head of the famous elephant named Erawan. The park is located close to the resort and is named Thailand’s 12th national park. The best part of the national park is the Erawan falls, an area of multiple levels of waterfall that are simply incredibly inviting to explore. Take a dive into the refreshing water or just enjoy your stay in the beautiful national park.

The culture of Kanchanaburi

Now you know the province has beautiful nature and a simply fascinating history, but it isn’t limited to just these two things. Kanchanaburi has a rich culture which can be seen by the fact that there are many minority groups in the area as well. Mon people are a minority group originally from Burma (Myanmar) of which some groups live in Thailand. They work in the resort as the Mon village is close to the resort and works closely together with them.

Furthermore, the main capital of the province, which is called Kanchanaburi itself is also a place to relax as there is a certain atmosphere around the city which suits a holiday getaway perfectly. The city is a combination of history, with the bridge over the River Kwai & and the war memorial museum, and a more leisure and cultural approach with markets, delicious freshwater fish and souvenirs to take home with you. All in all, Kanchanaburi is a great province to visit to escape all the business and get a great idea of the culture and history of Thailand. There might not be any beaches or big parties in Kanchanaburi but this should definitely not stop you from visiting as the area Is simply beautiful with a wide range of activities as well as a great way to come to your ease.