3D2N itinerary to Kanchanaburi: A personal review of what we experienced and how you can do it too!


Editor’s Note: Here’s a full 3D2N itinerary, complete with our experiences and how we felt.


PS: If you love Bangkok, we’d highly recommend combining a trip to Bangkok with a trip to Kanchanaburi too! 3D2N in Kanchanaburi, and another 4D3N in Bangkok. This would be absolutely perfect!

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1. Our Accommodation Experience: It’s really unexpectedly charming

The incredible stays available at Kanchanaburi are one of my absolute favourite things about this underrated holiday destination.

From overwater bungalows, to actual floating resorts where we felt our villa gently floating in the river’s current – accommodation in Kanchanaburi is both unexpectedly charming and unforgettable. It was also really fun taking those boat rides to and fro our floating resorts via Phutakien Pier.

To make sure we experienced as much as Kanchanaburi could offer, we even tried 3 different types of stays during our time there:

1. Glamping in a luxurious tent – Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass
2. Going on a digital detox in a floating eco-resort with no electricity – River Kwai Jungle Rafts
3. Enjoying an incredibly luxurious floating villa – The Floathouse River Kwai

There’s this signature Kanchanaburi relaxation and serenity that’s a given when you stay in any of the resorts there, and we won’t be forgetting this for awhile. Read on to hear more about our experience at these stays!

PS: In the shared itinerary below, we will only be including 2 out of 3 of the stays we tried. We were in Kanchanaburi for 4D3N, but would recommend a 3D2N trip instead.

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2. Accommodation Options

For a more luxurious floating resort experience – The Float House River Kwai

The most luxurious of all, The Float House took our floating resort experience to the next level with gorgeous villas.

Air-conditioned and spacious with beautiful teakwood furniture, traditional thatched roofs and a private balcony on the river complete with deck chairs and a porch swing – this was the ultimate place we relaxed at through all 3 stays experienced.

We had dinner at the riverside restaurant which was a little pricey, but the ambiance was great.

In the morning, we headed out in search of adventure, and found it easily accessible from here too!

Simply head to the restaurant and cross the small bridge there to get to the starting point. From here, you’ll be able to head to the cavernous Lawa Cave, Mon Village, Wat Mon and more.

The Float House gave us the best of everything – luxury, comfort, natural surroundings and adventure. What more could we ask for!

Photo via guidepurion

The Float House River Kwai Resort

Rate: From USD $97 /approx. 3,346 Baht
Address: 55 Moo 5 Tambol Wangkrajae, Amphur Saiyok, Kanchanaburi 71150, Thailand Contact: 02-6425497