About The FloatHouse River Kwai

Background Story

FloatHouse River Kwai originated from the fact that people moved to the river and built floating houses to escape the tropical heat. Because of the tropical climate in Thailand the temperature within houses can be uncomfortable, but due to the water running underneath the houses it helps cooling down the temperature and improve the living conditions. Moreover, living on the river did not only provide a nice breeze through the houses, but also protected the people from animals living on the land and provided enough water for the daily routines, such as cooking and doing laundry. Therefore, it is highly effective and common that houses are built on the river. Experience from building the floating houses is being passed on to every generation, about which kind of wood to use and how to keep the weight as light as possible for the houses to be stable and float easily.

The idea for the floating houses inspired us to share the local living experience with the worldwide travelers. At The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort, we developed the floating houses further by upgrading a boutique floatel to a higher quality level of floating hotels in Thailand and the world.

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